Respirfix is a nasal dilator that will help you stop snoring and breathe better during sports and in moments of relaxation. Respirfix is a product suitable for all ages and reusable.

Respirfix sizes should be chosen according to the function or result to be achieved and always counting that the size is adequate so that it does not fall. We offer two different sizes of Respirfix Nasal Dilator, size M and L:

  • Size M is the medium size, used by people with normal nostrils, both for sports and to breathe better and not snore. This size is what 80% of people can use.
  • Size L is the largest size, used by people with larger nostrils. This size is also perfect for athletes who want a large nasal opening to get more extra air intake.

Those who have a deviated nasal septum can use both sizes, and can manipulate and adapt the Respirfix nasal dilator to each of the nostrils, individually, in case they need more pressure in one or the other nostril to compensate for the deviation of the septum.

Respirfix can be perfectly adapted to different hardnesses and measurements by trimming the inner fins with manicure pliers or precision scissors.

Absolutely not. The size of the dilator to choose between size M “normal or standard”, or L, don’t depend on age or weight, only on the size of the nose. When in doubt, the dilators can be made smaller.

It’s made of a plastic sanitary material that is used surgically called EVA.

Without any problem. It does not contain latex or silicone.
It should be kept clean with warm water and a little soap if the client prefers. Any soap is valid, never wash with hot water since being made of plastic it could deform.
You can use products to disinfect such as alcohol or neutral PH type soaps. However, never disinfect by boiling it into water.
The nasal dilator can be trimmed with small scissors or precision pliers and the sides smooth with a file if there are protrusions. It is very easy, although it is recommended to use the device of the original appropriate size.
Respirfix® has interior walls that reinforce the hardness of the exterior ones. To make the dilator softer or less rigid, you just have to cut the interior walls and you can see how it loses exterior hardness since we cancel the reinforcement of the exterior fins.
The dilator does not have any contraindication to be used all day. In fact, many of our clients with respiratory problems use it 24 hours a day, even patients with sleep apnea who use CPAP to sleep.
No problem. You can put your decongestant drops or sea water before using the dilator and once you clean your nose a little you can use the dilator later.
We advise you to use the same dilator for a maximum of 2 or 3 months or about 50 uses for health reasons and renew it. However, until the dilator does not break, you can continue using it if you have kept it in good condition. As it is not a drug product, it does not have an expiration date, but the change is advised for your health and hygiene.
Absolutely, our clients with a deviated nasal septum usually buy the dilator and many of them modify their original size in the less affected nostril and leave the affected one large, thus reinforcing the air intake on the side of the nose affected by deviation.
The Respirfix®nasal dilator is ergonomically designed to take advantage of the inner shape of the nose and prevent it from falling, so if you use the appropriate measure for the size of your nose it won’t fall off when sleeping.

Of course! It is a good solution for all those women who suffer from colds in the gestation stage and cannot take any type of medicine to avoid mucus. It is best to use the dilator after a nasal cleaning the nostrils with seawater and you will see how it helps you to breathe.

Breath better. RESPIRFIX ®


Our customers reviews

Hasta ahora había usado las tiras nasales para dormir, ya que me despejaban mucho para poder respirar mejor.. lo malo es que cuando me las ponía para el deporte sudaba y se despegaban. Con Respirfix ya no tengo ese problema, y además me abre mejor las fosas nasales.

Este fin de semana hemos ido 13 personas ( 5 de ellas escaladores profesionales) …al pico del Canigo (2.700metros) y hemos utilizado el dilatador nasal Respirfix, la experiencia fue genial para todos . A partir de una altura y cuando necesitas respirar por la boca, el aparato ayuda a abrir las fosas nasales y equilibrar la entrada de aire por la nariz.

Llevo unos días con él. Lo uso para dormir y me ha venido fenómeno. En mi caso, tengo una pequeña desviación nasal que me provoca mala respiración, ronquidos, mal sueño. Con este pequeño Respirfix que consigue abrir bien ambas fosas nasales, respiras al 100% y llevo estos días notando que he dormido y descansado muy bien. Totalmente recomendable.