To sleep

Studies reveal that 70.9% of Spaniards have a partner who snores, and of these, 56.5% say that at least half of the nights their partner’s snoring makes them uncomfortable during sleep, or even wake them up. Among those who lose sleep for this reason, 23.1% stand out claiming to stay awake for more than one hour.

Breathe better, for your health and the ones around you

When breathing through the nose we are unable to supply enough oxygen to our lungs, so the respiratory system compensates the lack of oxygen breathing through the mouth.

When we sleep, if breathing through the nose is difficult, the mouth often stays open, the lower jaw relaxes, and the soft tissues and tongue are placed at the back of the mouth, therefore causing a possible airway obstruction.

The less air in , unconsciously our body will make more effort to try to get the same amount of oxygen by causing the the soft tissue to vibrate and so the annoying snoring.

Main advantages

  • Decreased shortness of breath.
  • Decrease snoring.
  • Avoid dryness of the throat.

To stop snoring

Respirfix is the ideal solution for those who can’t stop snoring.

RESPIRFIX is a reusable nasal dilator with a unique design, which opens the nostrils, allowing the user to ingest a greater amount of air and oxygen.

It has an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to the different types of nose, which means that you won’t notice any discomfort when using it and also, it is the most natural way to achieve it, since we don’t use any type of chemical or potentially harmful products neither for the body nor nostrils.

More than half of the population acknowledge that they snore or that their partner does and, therefore, they are also affected. This causes not being able to rest well at night, due to the noise of snoring, fatigue and drowsiness for the next day, altering our mood and causing our performance to decline.

Thanks to its design, it allows the nasal hair to continue filtering (thus, it doesn’t have any unwanted side effects) and avoids throat dryness since, by breathing correctly through the nose, the user doesn’t have the need to breathe through the mouth to get more oxygen.

On the other hand, unlike many competitive nasal dilators, RESPIRFIX is reusable. It has more than fifty uses, which allows us to save money and, likewise, makes it easier not to always be pending to renew our dilator, with which we also gain in comfort.

Another exclusive advantage of RESPIRFIX for those who want to stop snoring is that it does not dry out or peel off during use, always maintaining the comfort of the user.

It is especially suitable for those who suffer from sleep apneas. This sleep disturbance causes the person who suffers it to stop breathing for short periods of time, becoming a serious health risk. RESPIRFIX, in this case too, allows the person to take in more air and oxygen and, therefore, avoid or greatly reduce these respiratory arrest.

It can be used together with other products, such as CPAP masks, creams or drops prepared for the same purpose. Likewise, it is also perfectly compatible with other situations that cause snoring, such as, for example, deviations of the nasal septum.

Breath better. RESPIRFIX ®


Customer Reviews

Hasta ahora había usado las tiras nasales para dormir, ya que me despejaban mucho para poder respirar mejor.. lo malo es que cuando me las ponía para el deporte sudaba y se despegaban. Con Respirfix ya no tengo ese problema, y además me abre mejor las fosas nasales.

Este fin de semana hemos ido 13 personas ( 5 de ellas escaladores profesionales) …al pico del Canigo (2.700metros) y hemos utilizado el dilatador nasal Respirfix, la experiencia fue genial para todos . A partir de una altura y cuando necesitas respirar por la boca, el aparato ayuda a abrir las fosas nasales y equilibrar la entrada de aire por la nariz.

Llevo unos días con él. Lo uso para dormir y me ha venido fenómeno. En mi caso, tengo una pequeña desviación nasal que me provoca mala respiración, ronquidos, mal sueño. Con este pequeño Respirfix que consigue abrir bien ambas fosas nasales, respiras al 100% y llevo estos días notando que he dormido y descansado muy bien. Totalmente recomendable.